Collaborating with Java Tech Professionals when You Need It the Most

Press Kit | Citrix OnlineWorking with higher-level languages, such as Java, Python, or Ruby can be a difficult learning experience, even for those with prior programming experience. While it is true that most of them have roots deep in C++ and other lower-level syntax, their unique approach and diverse libraries make each language a new adventure and one that doesn’t end with “Hello World”. When first tackling one of these languages, the most obvious choice of action will be for the developer to locate specific tutorials and snippets that focus on the basic usages of the language and individual syntax specifics. Once this initial phase wears away, programmers begin to hunt for collaboration and community assistance with their problems. No tutorial has mastered the art of including every problem a programmer will encounter, regardless of experience or skill level. Continue reading

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Being Nice to Your Colleagues is Being Nice to Yourself

 ... images collaborative. | Informatique & Internet | Scoop.itI would say that about half of my Internet time in corporate cubicles was spent hanging out at this one Java tech collaboration site. I was well-trained in college in Java, and I had learned a lot on my own, but I did not know everything. So, I needed help, ideas and feedback all the time. So did other programmers, and an Internet collaboration site was the perfect place for us to anonymously help each other out during the day with our coding.

Anonymity was good, since many of us were likely really working for competitors. The real boon from this collaboration came after my longstanding position was downsized. I had been with that company for over a decade and had no idea how to job hunt. Continue reading

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